What Is a School Management System (SMS)?

Alli Green
Shreejana Mainali

Online education has had many schools start to implement a school management system (SMS) to enhance their digital infrastructure. A comprehensive SMS solution can help educational institutions simplify tedious administrative tasks, optimize student learning, and streamline all school operations online.

To choose a versatile, integrated, and compatible SMS for your school, administrators need to learn what a school management system is and why it’s important. Continue reading to find out more about the school management system and why schools need it.

What is a School Management System (SMS)?

A school management system, also known as School ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a software or a platform that simplifies and automates the day-to-day academic and administrative tasks. It enhances the digitization process for schools and benefits students, parents, teachers, and administrators. 

An SMS allows all academic and administrative tasks to be paperless which reduces paper costs and saves time! It provides features such as admission, fee, schedule, transportation, book-keeping and staff management for administrators. Teachers can login to the platform from anywhere at any time and use functionalities such as checking attendance, uploading assignments, grading, managing exams, forums, chats, online class schedules, and much more. This saves teachers a lot of  time to focus and create more lesson plans. 

Students as well as parents are able to access daily routines, the academic curriculum, learning resources, assignments, fees, class performance metrics, and live classes. Students are also well-informed with real-time feedback and virtual assistance from teachers which can help enhance their overall learning experience. Education platforms like FuseClassroom implement the SMS for schools effectively and include all the features listed above.

FuseClassroom’s School Management System 

Fuse Classroom’s SMS is an AI enabled management system which offers different departmental dashboards integrated into the software. School administrators, teachers and students can access customized features including Academic Programs, Transportation App, Human Resource Software, Facility Management, Accounting, and Career Services.

Here are a few reasons why having an SMS for your school is important:

1. Admission and attendance management 

The SMS helps educational institutions manage students’ admission process, from selecting prospective students, conducting their interviews, to the final onboarding process. Each student’s personal information and academic record is stored and organized in one database. Teachers, administrators, and parents can also access those records any time. 

Schools can easily manage students’ admission and attendance records through one consolidated SMS platform. The platform is customizable as per class, year, gender and other information. The AI-integrated SMS of Fuse Classroom automatically takes attendance of students once the student attends an online class. 

2. Manages online exams and results 

SMS integrates all the aspects of online exams by facilitating hassle-free pre and post-exam processes such as announcements, routine distribution, grading, report cards, and results. With a comprehensive SMS, schools can collect, arrange and distribute all the information related to exams. They can also manage technical and administrative tasks like room allocation, exam-center management, and teacher allocation. In addition, the advanced SMS in Fuse Classroom allows students to take quizzes, assignments and exams that are AI integrated.

3. Classroom management 

Schools can efficiently manage courses, programs, departments, and academic years using an SMS. They can assign students and teachers to a particular course, schedule online classes and provide study materials.  For example, learning materials or assignments can easily be uploaded by instructors and downloaded by students in Fuse Classroom. Students and instructors can also use a calendar feature to access dates for upcoming classes, events, project assignments, and much more. Each class has a corresponding discussion portal, for example, an “Online Forum” where students can communicate about assignments with teachers and fellow classmates.

4. Student information system

SMS integrates a student information system making it easy to store all of a student’s data. This saves time for school staff since they don’t have to manually fill information on paper. Fuse Classroom offers an AI-powered student information system with on demand access to student data, performance metrics, and engagement of every student in one place. Features like “Degree Audit” displays progress on how a student is fulfilling their degree requirements. Digital badges and transcript modules facilitate easy access to unofficial transcripts and awards to commend students’ efforts that can help motivate them regularly. 

5. Streamlines Communication

Lack of communication can be a flaw when it comes to online education. A reliable SMS improves connection and fosters communication. It connects every student, teacher, parent and administrator with exclusive customized portals from where they can log in, communicate, and access information they need quickly.

 Fuse Classroom offers features such as: Online Community, Groups, Chat, Student Clubs, Alumni, Events and Forum features. The AI system moderates these features blocking hate-speech, bullying and isolation, boosting community engagement, creating a safe and holistic space for students and faculty.

Implementing a school management system allows administrators to have control and enhance their school’s digital infrastructure. The data and information stored in the SMS allow them to make strategic data-driven decisions. A well AI-integrated SMS provides everything school administrators need to manage an education institution effectively. 

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