How Fuse Classroom Helps Your Child

Alli Green
Shreejana Mainali
Student using Fuse Classroom's platform

In previous blogs, we mentioned what parents need to know about digital learning to help guide their child through the online education experience and how to help them thrive as online learners.

For parents, being aware of the online learning platform that your child is using can be extremely helpful which is why we’ll explain how Fuse Classroom provides a unique learning and engaging educational experience for your child. 

Here are just 5 ways Fuse Classroom assists your children in having the best online learning experience!

A centralized platform

FuseClassroom’s AI-powered LMS platform is a centralized, easy-to-use platform where all the resources that students need are in one place. The platform harbors AI-powered apps including Assignments, Grades, Record Files, Calendar, Announcements, SIS, Online Exams, a Digital Library, Discussion Forums, and other customized features tailored for your child’s individual learning needs. Students can use Fuse Classroom on their computer or their phone through the Fuse Classroom App. They can access and download course materials right from the platform. Furthermore, they can interact with teachers, submit assignments, take online exams, quizzes, and join their school community! Fuse Classroom makes it easy for students to have engaging online classroom experience. 

Zoom integrated platform

Fuse Classroom has Zoom capabilities integrated right into the platform, so your child does not have to open Zoom separately and can access online classes without any hassle. With just a few clicks, teachers can launch classes for students to join on Zoom through the Fuse Classroom platform. The platform automatically records Zoom sessions and uploads them so students can access and download them anytime. Zoom integration in Fuse Classroom adds an extra layer of security while joining live classes.  With this, students can only access live classes from the platform. 

Student-centered learning

Fuse Classroom has seven modules – LMS, Online Live, Student Information System, Online exams, Community, School Management, and Admission. Among these modules,  LMS, Online Live, Online Exams, are specifically student-centered. Fuse Classroom creates student-centered learning opportunities by helping them connect with instructors 24/7. It further assists them to adopt self-paced learning, and reflect on their performance. Students can get personalized education via interactive online sessions and/or gamified exams. This allows students to be more accountable and in-charge of their learning needs. The AI systems deployed in the platform fosters AI-assisted learning for your child as it recommends additional study materials such as quizzes, games, and online exams.   

Fosters blended learning

By using FuseClassroom, schools can leverage a blended-learning model and incorporate a wide variety of course content (videos, e-books, pdfs, infographics) to meet a student’s particular learning goals. A blended learning approach makes learning more accessible, affordable and flexible. Further, schools can provide recorded classes and other downloadable resources to students they can access instantly. Blended learning allows teachers to address the distinct learning needs of individual students and make the necessary adjustments to support them. Consequently, this increases participation, engagement, and learning while catering to student needs.

Uses a flipped classroom model

Aside from the features mentioned above, Fuse Classroom promotes a new, advanced and on-demand learning model → Flipped Classroom. In traditional learning environments, instructors teach new topics during the class while students work on activities outside of the classroom. However, in Fuse Classroom, instructors upload all the course materials before class to have students go through the material on their own. Students get to work on assignments before class and later engage with other peers and instructors through interactive online/onsite sessions. This boosts engagement and makes learning more fun!

An easy and effective online learning platform is vital for a student’s learning success. It should allow parents to understand their child’s digital education journey. Fuse Classroom is an advanced AI-powered learning platform that fosters a collaborative and conducive learning environment for your child, enhancing their learning.