3 Ways Fuse Classroom Offers Student Assessment for Teachers

Shreejana Mainali
Lizzie Ottenstein
A female student using a laptop for online classes.

Learning assessment is an integral part of the learning and teaching process. Assessment tools drive active learning, particularly when they are tech based, innovative, engaging, and leveraged with AI. Fuse Classroom offers AI-powered online assessment tools that automate performance, evaluation, and grading, guide teachers in designing curricula and offer personalized resources that foster student-centered learning

Before learning how Fuse Classroom enables automated student assessment, let’s discuss why student assessment is vital for a progressive classroom.  

Why is student assessment important?

Student assessment is a systematic and in-depth analysis of academic performance. Frequent assessments such as tests, exams, assignments, and quizzes, create a positive impact on learning outcomes by helping students retain and apply the material.

In a hybrid learning environment, assessing progress can seem difficult due to a lack of tools in the learning management system (LMS). Most LMS only provide formative assessments, such as quizzes or assignments over summative ones such as standardized online exams

Fuse Classroom’s AI embedded assessment tools give teachers the power of online learning assessment maintaining the standards of accurate and thorough performance measurement.

3 ways Fuse Classroom offers better student assessment

Fuse Classroom leverages the power of technology and artificial intelligence to provide quantifiable data and insights and use the same to improve learning. Here are 3 ways how it does so:

1. AI-enabled proctored dashboard to conduct standardized tests

Assessing summative performance is crucial to measuring the overall performance of students. While physical exams are great, online examinations are a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative. Choosing the right platform is important. An LMS that allows teachers to load exams into a customized dashboard with live proctoring is ideal.

 Fuse Classroom provides a customized testing environment with proctoring, time limits, real-time test launch, grade measurements, and proctor data. With the proctor feature, teachers can maintain academic integrity while also keeping track of suspicious behaviors in real-time through video and audio data.

2. Real-time grading and feedback

The platform offers real-time results, helping teachers understand student’s weak points right after course completion compared to traditional assessments. The AI-enabled recommendation system analyzes performance patterns and recommends personalized reading materials. The text and image annotation feature allows teachers to provide feedback with in-line comments. Students can later engage with teachers in online discussion forums or direct chat to improve and develop understanding.

3. 360° view of student performance

Fuse Classroom’s student status engine allows teachers to keep track of progress and ensure that students are meeting their goals. If a student lags behind, the platform alerts teachers with color-based indicators (green, yellow and red). Teachers can offer supplemental resources and make modifications in their teaching practice where necessary. With this AI engine, teachers have on-demand access to student data, visualizations of student performance, and engagement with the platform. 

Evaluating students’ performance with new online tools can be overwhelming. Fuse Classroom has effective assessment tools that offer guidance to both teachers and students to fulfill the learning goals. Its easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use aspects make it the ideal platform for high-quality assessment and other pedagogical needs.

Here’s an infographic to help you quickly understand the state-of-the-art assessment tools of Fuse Classroom and their benefits.

Infographic showing how fuse classroom offers better student assessment for teachers.