Enhancing the learning experience with Fuse Classroom’s AI Features

Shreejana Mainali
Lizzie Ottenstein
Alli Green
An image of Fuse Classroom’s AI features in digital devices.

Education is transforming. Learning techniques once limited to classrooms are now accessible through smartphones. One technology fueling this transformation is artificial intelligence. Leveraging AI in learning management systems (LMS) not only automates assessments and operations but also makes learning personalized.

AI technologies (such as natural language processing, machine learning, data analytics, chatbots, and deep learning) can be leveraged in an LMS to extract data driven insights. Fusemachines’ LMS Fuse Classroom is an AI-powered education platform providing personalized and interactive online learning experiences to over 25,000 students and over 35 schools and organizations. Its 100 AI features evolve and get smarter the more it consumes data. 

Let’s dive into how Fuse Classroom’s AI features add value to today’s education transformation.

Student Status Engine

The Student Status Engine monitors each students’ activities and provides a color-based indicator of performance. This tool helps teachers and administrators understand if students are submitting assignments on time, attending the classes, actively participating in class activities and achieving good scores to succeed. This allows instructors to assess students’ progress without going through individual records. They can also provide extra attention to students who need it and curate course materials catering to their specific needs. With this AI engine, instructors and administrators have on-demand access to student data, visualizations of student performance, and engagement with the platform.

Student Status Engine

Plagiarism Detection

The plagiarism detection tool is an unsupervised way of detecting plagiarism. It automatically detects copied content and calculates the percentage of plagiarism in an assignment. This allows teachers to save time switching between online plagiarism software checkers. Students are accountable and creative when doing assignments.

plagiarism detection

Online Exam Proctoring Tool

The exam proctoring feature is built to standardize the online test procedure and conduct secure exams. This helps teachers keep track of students showing suspicious behaviors in real-time by recording students’ video, facial expressions, audio and body movements. Examples of cheating behaviors would be if someone who is not taking the test appears in the same room as the student taking the test, or the student opens textbooks and phones or disables the camera. This tool can be extremely beneficial when massive exams need to be conducted in an online environment.

AI Proctoring tool

Chatbot (AI Help Desk)

The Chatbot is a great tool and source of information with 24/7 availability. The Chatbot can answer questions, create small talk with users, even gamify the interaction, assisting students in navigating the platform. It can retrieve information automatically. For example, the Chatbot can retrieve information from the student status engine. If it notices a student falling behind, it gives customized advice on how the student can improve.

AI chatbot

Question Ranking System

The question ranking system ranks suspected difficulty of exam questions. It gets smarter with time as more and more students test these exam questions and gathers information about which students struggled with what questions and which solved them easily. This allows students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can use this information to build their exams more efficiently. 

Question Ranking System

Recommendation System

The recommendation system detects student performance patterns and recommends reading materials listed by instructors accordingly. Instructors do not have to send out the same resources to different students, decreasing redundancy and saving time. Students can download and refer to the suggested course materials right away and brush up their knowledge.

quiz AI recommendation

AI can revolutionize education. It can expand the capabilities of teachers and empower learners to explore their ideas. By helping with tedious tasks and providing up-to-date data, these AI tools of Fuse Classroom enhances the overall learning experiences of students, giving everyone a new and exciting way to educate and be competent.