What is the Student Information System?

Neha Uddin
Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS), also known as a Student Management System, organizes and regulates information for schools. Most schools, colleges, and universities use SIS to manage student data. Institutions can also use the SIS to keep track of data, such as student test records, attendance, performance, and more. These systems also make data easily accessible to students, teachers, parents, and administrators. 

Similarly, institutions and organizations can also use the Student Information System to register students for courses, grade documents, and form schedules. Teachers, likewise, can use SIS to create transcripts and co-curricular activities. In like manner, education institutions can track progress and performance through the SIS. 

Fuse Classroom’s Student Information System (SIS)  

Fuse Classroom features an AI-powered Student Information System that tracks student data in one centralized place. Additionally, Fuse Classroom’s SIS tracks information such as performance, engagement, audits on student progress, and more. See below major features of Fuse Classroom’s SIS:  

360° Student View

The Student Information System in Fuse Classroom provides instructors and administrators on-demand access to various data. The 360° Student View allows teachers to see student data and visualizations of student performance. As such, it lets teachers and instructors see student engagement with the platform. With the learning platform’s 360° view, matched with the student status engine, teachers can give equal attention to all students, allowing intervention at any stage in the student learning cycle. 

Degree Audit

Fuse Classroom’s SIS Degree Audit feature provides a dashboard showing student progress. Furthermore, it is available to students, instructors, and administrators. This allows students to track academic progress and shows their degree requirements. 


The Transcripts page of Fuse Classroom’s SIS allows students to download unofficial transcripts. As such, students can request formal transcripts from the Transcript’s registrar. 

Digital Badges and Awards

Awarding students badges and awards motivates them to reach their goals. In fact, instructors and administrators can award students with a digital badge or award to commend their efforts as they progress in their studies with Fuse Classroom. Indeed, many types of badges and awards are available. This feature allows teachers and parents to celebrate a student’s effort.


The Fees page makes centralized invoicing easy. Students can send payments through the platform as well. This reduces the hassle of paying for courses and makes administrators record the payment easily. 

To know more about Fuse Classroom’s AI-Enabled Features, check out this blog: The Best Online Learning Platform: Fuse Classroom. 

Why Implement Student Information System (SIS)?

Schools need ways to analyze student performance efficiently, and the SIS helps them do this. Educators can use the information obtained from the system to deploy effective measures to help students perform better and realize their potential. 

This is an otherwise time-consuming and tedious process when not done systematically. Fuse Classroom’s Student Information System (SIS) helps institutions manage their students in an organized and cost-effective way, reducing the time and effort spent compiling student data. Furthermore, the SIS also allows faculty members to concentrate on students and their performance.