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Lizzie Ottenstein
Graphic with details of webinar

Schools are finding ways to transform online education with effective learning strategies. They want to make it affordable, accessible, and flexible. Many countries are on the verge of a digital education revolution and blended learning is the ultimate conclusion of this paradigm shift. Pursuing a blended learning approach that integrates both online and onsite learning can provide a customized learning experience for students. Hence they can enhance the learning and teaching experience profoundly.

Fuse Classroom’s Digitizing Education Webinar Series, will be hosting its 3rd webinar: “How to Transform & Reimagine the Classroom With Blended Learning” Wednesday, December 16th at 6-7:15 PM NPT. 

In this webinar, the Director of Product and Business Development, Parag Shrestha, and Product Manager, Pratibha Shrestha of Fuse Classroom will be discussing the importance of blended learning and why schools should adopt a blended learning approach in a presentation and fireside chat.

What “How to Transform & Reimagine the Classroom With Blended Learning” will cover:
  • What blended learning means
  • The importance and benefits of blended learning
  • The role of instructors in the blended learning approach
  • Fuse Classroom’s philosophical approach to blended learning

Following the presentation and fireside chat will be a question and answer session. Here the audience can ask any queries and get information about our upcoming webinars!

From best practices, strategies, and ideas about digitizing education, these webinars can help drive schools take education institutions to the next level. Stay tuned for more updates and information regarding webinars.

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