Fuse Classroom Announces: Education Digitization Grant (Non-Cash Credit) Program

Parag Shrestha
Laptop and mobile view of Fuse Classroom

Education institutions in countries such as Nepal were hit the hardest by COVID-19 and struggled to afford the shift to online classes. It’s been tough to collect fees and balance other expenses due to continuous lockdowns which is why it’s the right time to push education institutions towards digitization. To lessen financial barriers, Fuse Classroom has launched the Education Digitization Grant program to help digitize private education institutions in Nepal and ensure students receive the best online education during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Here are a few words from CEO, Sameer Maskey announcing the Education Digitization Grant program:

The Education Digitization Grant is a non-cash credit grant providing up to 2.5 lakh in credit per private education institution across Nepal to guide their digitization journey. 

Application criteria:

Any private school or college in Nepal with more than 100 students can participate in the grant program and are assessed based on the following two internal criteria:

  1. Financial condition 
  2. Institution’s vision for long term digitization of education 

*Institutions committed to a digitization plan now and after the pandemic will have higher chances of receiving the grant.*

Education Digitization Grant benefits: 

We provide private schools and colleges with both our products and services to make their online learning experience effective and seamless. 

  • Out of our 7 modules, 2 modules will be given (the Learning Management System and Online Live).
  • Our Education Specialists will be available to assist the institution with added services including training, onboarding, a discovery meeting, and consultations.
  • Institutions can use the grant as a credit towards Fuse Classroom and do not have to bear any additional cost.

Fuse Classroom’s mission is to continue helping the education sector in Nepal and developing countries towards a digital transformation. Our platform has more than 100 features including a Learning Management System and Student Information System and allows for live classes, online courses, online assessment and distribution, tracking student progress, enrollment, and more. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence features that help create a personalized educational experience and make data-driven decisions.