How Fuse Classroom Integrates Zoom

Lizzie Ottenstein
Shreejana Mainali
Students in a Zoom integrated Fuse Classroom LMS platform for video conferencing.

In the shift to online learning, teachers and students have been juggling various apps to carry out school operations and more importantly, host and attend online classes. Without an integrated Learning Management System (LMS), instructors and students are forced to bounce between apps to attend classes and complete assignments. What’s needed is a platform that does both. 

Our Learning Management System (LMS) Fuse Classroom has Zoom capabilities integrated right into the platform, so users don’t have to switch between apps and can access Zoom in only a few clicks. Our integrated platform makes it easier and simpler than ever to carry out successful online classes right in the LMS. With just a click, students can join classes and instructors can launch them. 

Here are some of the many reasons your school should consider using Fuse Classroom’s Zoom integrated platform to enhance the online learning experience in a simple and effective way. 

Zoom right in the platform

Switching among multiple applications is tedious. Scalable and centralized, Fuse Classroom allows students and teachers to attend live online classes without having to switch between applications. It’s right in the platform! In just a simple click, teachers can launch classes and students can attend them without having to navigate multiple applications. 

Saves time and energy

An integrated platform that includes all the features of an LMS paired with those of Zoom saves time and scheduling. Using Fuse Classroom, teachers can schedule classes easily and efficiently. Using the Online Live Class feature of FuseClassroom, instructors can create a live class on the spot and schedule recurring classes with half the hassle of doing so manually. This information is automatically updated in the instructor’s Zoom account and they can start the live class right away reducing the amount of admin work and error. Fuse Classroom automatically records Zoom sessions and uploads them in the platform for student access. 

Secure management 

There’s a greater chance of security or data breach despite the advanced data encryption and other top-notch security features offered by Zoom. Zoom Bombers can still enter the virtual session and tamper with shared screen and other confidential data. Zoom integration in Fuse Classroom adds an extra layer of security as users can only access live classes from the platform and one doesn’t have to share meeting URLs on less secure platforms. 

Access to the best online learning tools

Using Fuse Classroom, instructors can easily host and record live Zoom classes and stream their own audio and video. The whiteboard tools can also be used to visually demonstrate topics and illustrate complex ideas and the breakout room feature allows students to engage in group discussions and collaborations. 

The automated scheduler adds class information to the community calendar when a class slot is assigned. Automatic rescheduling announcements have also been integrated in the event of a conflict. The platform is equipped with AI-powered apps including Assignments, Grades, Record Files, Calendar, Announcements, SiS,  Online Exams, Digital Library and Discussion Forums, helping schools build a strong online community and create an innovative and comprehensive online school.

Amidst the chaos of the pandemic and the shift to online learning, our Zoom integrated platform will boost the efficiency and ease with which teachers and students navigate their online school experience, making it more effective, comprehensive, and a whole lot simpler! If you’ve never used Zoom, our implementation team provides teachers training on how to use Zoom effectively to create the best possible Fuse Classroom experience.