Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning

Nirvik Thapa
Online Learning

Online learning has many benefits that enhance learning by making it more personalized and flexible. It meets students’ needs and helps them progress on their education paths at their own pace while providing timely support and challenges and contributing to a vast pool of student data that can be leveraged to enhance the experience even more. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of online learning. 

1. Taking Control of One’s Learning Journey and Pace 

Online learning allows students to learn at their own pace and is convenient for those with other responsibilities, allowing flexibility and work-life balance. Students need not sit through entire lessons. Rather they can schedule it in parts. Students can repeat instructions without disrupting the flow of in person instruction. Some platforms also allow for different durations of courses. In addition, there are less barriers to accessing a variety of online courses.

Online learning contributes to a vast amount of student data that when analyzed can be leveraged to create a more engaged, personalized and smarter learning experience.

2. Gain Relevant Technical Skills 

Online learning provides opportunities for students to develop technical skills through exposure to relevant tools including Zoom, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Canva, and more.  

3. Save Money with Cost-effective Learning Options

Online learning is less expensive than traditional learning, and students do not incur costs such as travel, eating out, housing, and buying new clothes etc., in addition to spending less for online certifications and degrees. Students can learn from the comfort and affordability of their own homes.

4. New Types of Networking Opportunities

Online learning platforms offer various networking opportunities such as discussion forums, social media and video conferencing platforms. Students learning online are more likely to form connections with people from various cultures and different parts of the world as geographical constraints are eliminated. 

5. Self-discipline and Motivation

Studying solo is good discipline practice by ensuring you are learning and achieving goals. Students can not only set their own objectives but also work around distractions to achieve them. 

  1. Determine what and why you want to learn something.
  2. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely)
  3. Structure your learning sessions accordingly.
  4. Establish a classmate to keep you accountable. 
  5. Building a digital portfolio of what you learn, in your own preferred way could be conducive and motivational.

The digitization of learning has transformed what it means to be a student and has made learning outside the classroom even more real. Students all around the world now have access to high quality materials and top instructors regardless of their background or location. As the data grows, we can only expect more and more personalized online learning experiences.

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