Fusemachines Launches An AI-Enabled Education Platform

Press Release Administrator
A student viewing Fuse classroom platform on her laptop.

Fusemachines Inc, a leading provider of AI talent and education solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Fuse Classroom (https://fuseclassroom.com), an AI platform that will transform educational institutions.

Fuse Classroom was created with students in mind and combines the latest in Artificial Intelligence and mobile and web application technology to seamlessly transform schools into the era of AI. The platform is designed to create innovative online learning experiences for students with AI features designed to monitor progress, answer questions, and make smart recommendations to students who need support with courses. Fuse Classroom also streamlines other school operations outside of the classroom for administrators and faculty including academic counseling, community building, and alumni features. Fuse Classroom is poised to transform the overall school experience in many different dimensions using AI.

“Our core mission at Fusemachines is to Democratize AI. We are constantly thinking about how AI can be used to better the world. More than one year ago, we began building an education platform with the intention of helping schools to create a better online learning experience for students and recognized a need to help streamline core school operations beyond the classroom as well. In the wake of COVID-19, we have decided to launch Fuse Classroom ahead of schedule in an effort to support schools in their time of need. We believe Fuse Classroom will have a profound impact on the way educational institutions bring themselves to the digital forefront in the era of AI. We believe machines can improve the learning experience of students at scale with personalized learning and feedback. This is something we are truly excited about” said Sameer Maskey, founder and CEO.