AI Assisted Education: Are We There Yet?

Parag Shrestha
Two laptops that are being used to access AI-assisted education

When I was a student, I remember constantly asking myself why I had to memorize so much. It seems a lifetime ago, but I still remember this pain point. I envy students today. With just a few clicks, they have access to more than I could have ever imagined. 

We have yet to bring about a paradigm shift in how we are taught and more importantly how we learn. Compared to my time as a university student (a long time ago by digital standards),  things haven’t changed much. Education in most places is still very structured: students learn from a textbook, memorize what they’ve learned, and are tested on it. This doesn’t leave much room for critical thinking, problem solving, and exploring; where the real long-lasting learning happens. It certainly doesn’t leave room for personalized learning. 

At Fusemachines, we take these pain points to heart and have worked for the past two years to incorporate them into our platform where students learn the ins and outs of artificial intelligence. In the midst of challenges we’re all facing due to the pandemic, we have made it our mission to usher in a new era of learning on top of this. 

Our AI enabled Fuse Classroom platform provides a solution to every hurdle of online learning. With about 100 catalogued features (and more on the way), every educational institution can take their classes and learning infrastructure online seamlessly. Fuse Classroom is the foundation for building and delivering a completely personalized learning experience now and after the pandemic. 

It tracks each student’s learning journey and progress as well assists their understanding of concepts and applications. Personalized learning is finally becoming a reality and no longer an empty promise. Educators will have assistance from machines to scale and channel their efforts towards each students’ individual needs. 

We at Fusemachines believe AI can transform how we teach and learn and help build a better world, and we’re passionate about making it happen. Afterall, we have been working hard to build real world AI applications for about 8 years now! At last, students will enjoy the personalized learning they deserve. We’re finally revolutionizing how we teach and learn. 

Yes. We are there!