Fuse Classroom Announces: Digitizing Education Webinar Series

Lizzie Ottenstein
Laptop and phone view of Fuse Classroom with 'Fuse Classroom Announces: Digitizing Education Webinar Series' title

Many education institutions are looking to transition to online education now more than ever. Technology is at the core of online learning, and it’s crucial for education institutions around the world to understand the benefits of why and how schools can digitize both learning experiences and school operations. 

Fuse Classroom will be hosting a Digitizing Education Webinar Series that include fireside chats in which thought leaders and experts in the education and AI space discuss the importance of digitization in education and how it benefits school administrators, instructors, students, and parents. This webinar series is designed for education institutions all over the world. 

Our first webinar will be held on Wednesday, September 23rd on the topic of “Digitizing Education & Beyond”. 
What “Digitizing Education and Beyond” will cover:
  • Defining digitization 
  • What digitized learning means
  • The need to digitize education
  • Important learning strategies
  • Best practices on how to digitize
  • Fuse Classroom’s vision & philosophy
  • Q&A session with webinar attendees 
  • Upcoming webinars 
Upcoming webinars:
  1. How to Build Your School’s Digitization Roadmap
  2. How to Transform and Reimagine the Classroom With Blended Learning
  3. How AI Assisted Learning Is Creating a Paradigm Shift in Education

From best practices, strategies, and ideas for digitizing education, these webinars can help drive schools take education institutions to the next level. Stay tuned for more updates and information regarding webinars.

Click below to attend the first webinar